Balance : Addictive

Balance : Addictive

This game is available on iTunes App Store.

** This game is differentiated from other similar games in quality & fun ** 

Tilt to lean the bar to survive from the blocks falling. 
There are faster and faster & bigger and bigger BLOCKS! 
Also, There are many patterns and items that have their own effects and forms. 
So, You must be quick and have good senses to balance. 

You would experience full of thrills. 

- Detail - 
Try to endure as long as you can on various situations till falling down. 
Score depends on impulse of blocks and the number of blocks on the bars. 
You can check your skill ratio in the end of the game. 

*We invested much time to make this game more perfect because of its fatal addictive* 


- Very fast falling game play 
- Really thrilling & challenging 
- Getting faster and bigger blocks 
- 7 different blocks & many patterns and Items 
- Increasing difficulty 
- Differentiated from other balance games 
- Simple and complex 
- Controlling sensitivity of tilt 
- Global leaderboards 

How to Play & Tips 

- Tilt to lean to left or right 
- Tap the screen to make a block. 
- Get items with the bar. 
- Score depends on block's speed & weight 
- More blocks on the bar, more score you can get 
- Find good poses for playing at first time.